Who We Are

We are a small, family-operated sustainable vegetable farm in western Illinois. We grow many varieties of vegetables, some of which are open pollinated and many are heirloom varieties. While our farm is not certified organic, we only use environmentally friendly practices without the use of chemical pesticides. We do not grow any G.M.Os and feel strongly about keeping our farm that way. We strive to provide fresh nutritious produce picked daily to our customers.

We started our journey into farming 8 years ago when my grandparents gave my husband and myself the opportunity to grow on the land they began farming in the 1940s. We had no experience with growing produce crops but my husband grew up on a traditional Midwest row crop farm. When we began farming, locally grown food was a new concept and we felt that if we stuck with our idea we could make a life around it. One short year later we enrolled in a program called Central Illinois Farm beginnings. There we learned the business side of farming and how to get this ball rolling in order to turn a dream into a real farm.

A few months after we finished the class our first daughter was born. It was a life-changing event for us, learning how to grow food and take care of a newborn. This was our first real season in 2007 and we gave it our all, worked very long hours and produced a little bit of food and a lot of weeds. In 2008 our second daughter was born right in the middle of the second growing season. That year we started to get the hang of this farming thing. We produced enough to start attending farmers market regularly, and began to have left over produce with no place to sell it. So we decided to start a small CSA. The CSA is what has kept us in business ever since.

Our first year, we had 15 wonderful people joined us, some of whom are still members today. They believed in us and gave us strength when we felt like giving up! Along with our members we also had a mentor guiding us every step of the way that we will always be thankful for.

Fast-forward to 2015 and we are still here learning our craft and getting a bit better at growing crops every year. We produced almost 10,000 pounds of food off of our farm last year on ten acres of ground!
Our dream has officially become a reality.

We love what we do and all of our customers, from the CSA members to farmers market shoppers to the local chefs, who always have a smile on their faces when they see us. It is because of all of you we can feed so many people healthy, chemical free food straight from our farm to your family. We work hard but it is so satisfying to know that we touch so many people through our food.

Thank you all for being there for us and supporting Terripin Farms!
Brad, Jess, Preston, Meadow, Willow,  Magnolia Whiston & Farm Crew