What’s a CSA?

A CSA (community-supported agriculture) is a system in which members support a local farm by purchasing their produce up-front for the immediate growing season. Members purchase either a full or half share in the winter/spring. In exchange, they will receive a basket of vegetables weekly throughout the growing season.

There are many benefits of joining a CSA. One is assured of getting the freshest possible produce coming from a local farm. Members will be receiving varieties of vegetables chosen more for their taste and nutritional value than their shipping and machine harvesting capabilities. You will be supporting a local farm, one dedicated to preserving the soil, the environment, and the ecological balance and diversity of the area. Lastly, there is the convenience of doing a week’s worth of vegetable shopping simply by picking up the weekly basket.

The benefits of joining Terripin Farms CSA are numerous. You are getting a quality product. You can expect a 10-day shelf life on most of our products, even salad mixes. Most crops are harvested within 48 hours of delivery; many will be less than 24 hours out of the field. Our low time to market ensures that you receive the farm-fresh produce of the highest quality. The taste of our produce is exceptional. Each year we do numerous variety trials and have selected the best-tasting vegetables we can find. Some varieties may be interesting and new to you, while others may have improved taste, color, or tenderness that cannot be found in a supermarket. We offer a diverse assortment of vegetables. From dinosaur kale to 20 different tomato varieties, you are sure to get something you have never experienced before. Our high tunnels and greenhouses allow for an extended growing season. Lastly, the camaraderie we have with our members is second to none. Picking up your basket each week is akin to your weekly social hour. From recipe exchanges to kids’ playtime, you are certain to make some new friends.

Our season runs from early June until early October for a total of 17 weekly drop-offs. Shares vary between 10 and 20 pounds per week. A half share gets approximately ½ bushel per week while a full share receives approximately ¾ bushel each week. The amount of vegetables in the basket each week is dependent upon the vegetables that are in season that week. Each basket will include 8-10 different varieties of vegetables and will be different from week to week.