What is a CSA?

A CSA (community-supported agriculture) is a system in which members support a local farm by purchasing their produce up-front for the immediate growing season.

How does the CSA work?

Members purchase either a full or half share in the winter/spring. In exchange, members will receive a basket of vegetables weekly throughout the growing season.

What are the benefits of joining a CSA?

  • You are assured of receiving the freshest possible produce coming from our local farm grown without the use of chemicals.
  • You will be receiving varieties of vegetables chosen more for their taste and nutritional value rather than their shipping and machine harvesting capability.
  • You will be supporting a local farm, one dedicated to preserving the soil, the environment, and the ecological balance and diversity of the area.
  • You will be conveniently doing a week of vegetable shopping simply by picking up your bag.

When does the season run?

The season runs from early June until early October for a total of 18 weekly drop-offs.

How much is included in each basket?

Shares vary between 10 and 20 pounds per week. A half share gets approximately ½ bushel per week while a full share receives approximately ¾ bushel each week. The amount of vegetables in the basket each week is dependent upon the vegetables that are in season that week.

Can I split a share with another family?

Yes, you can split a share with another family. You will be required to split the share amongst yourselves and decide who will get what.

What is included in each basket?

Each basket will include 8-10 different varieties of vegetables and will be different from week to week. Again, the baskets vary depending upon the growing season of each vegetable.

What vegetables do you grow?

We grow a wide variety of vegetables that we have selected to thrive on our farm. Early season vegetables include onions and a range of greens. Mid season crops will include eggplant, summer squash, and peppers. The later part of the season produces turnips and winter squash. And as with other Midwestern farms, you will find corn, tomatoes, and watermelon when they are at their peak.

Can I change items in my basket that i don’t care for?

We do not offer substitutions at this time feel free to trade with other members if there is something you don’t like. Starting this season we will have a trade table to exchange said items!
No guarantees to what will be on the table.

Why should I choose a local farm over the newly popular delivery services in my area?

Community supported agriculture is meant to help keep small farms in business.
The box delivery business very rarely buys from small farms, they are shipping in produce from warehouses just like grocery stores and and giant companies. Please join a local CSA, a farm with a face, a family, and someone who truly cares about farming to make a more sustainable planet to live on. A great resource to find such a farm is w​

What sets Terripin Farms apart from other farms?

Quality – You can expect a 10-day shelf life on most of our produce, even salad mix. Most crops are harvested within 48 hours of delivery; many will be less than 24 hours out of the field. Our low time to market ensures that you receive the farm fresh produce of the highest quality.
Taste – Each year we do numerous variety trials and have selected the best tasting vegetables we can find. Some varieties may be interesting and new to you, while others may have improved taste, color, or tenderness that cannot be found in a supermarket.
Diversity – Terripin Farm hosts around 40 different types of vegetables . . . but that number doesn’t really lend a good visual image. Salad turnips that melt in your mouth, and tomatoes, you ask? We’ve got the reds, romas, cherries . . . and 20 different heirlooms to get you through summer tomato cravings.
Season Extension – We have a number of greenhouses and high tunnels. In these structures early summer crops are grown. The hoop-houses will not only bring in an early crop, but the produce from them is of higher quality than field grown produce.

Are there any drawbacks?

The coming season’s weather is always an unknown. While we have never missed filling our weekly basket in 8 years, crop failures are a possibility with any CSA.

Is a CSA for me?

CSAs are best suited for people who eat the majority of their meals at home and are open to variety of vegetables that are suited to the area. If you travel out of town for the majority of the week, a CSA is not a great bet for you as your vegetables are likely to spoil before you are able to enjoy them. Not a fan of tomatoes and zucchini? Looking for bananas and citrus fruit? Our CSA is probably not for you as we only grow vegetables that are meant to be grown in the area and you will be receiving these veggies for the entirety of their growing season.

What is the cost?

For the O’Fallon/St. Charles CSA, the cost for a half share is $400 and a full share is $550. For the Quincy CSA, the cost is $375 for a half share and $475 for a full share.

Why does O’Fallon/St. Charles CSA cost more than the Quincy CSA?

The O’Fallon/St. Charles CSA costs more to account for the significant fuel costs resulting from the delivery distance. The Quincy CSA doesn’t include the fuel costs in their CSA fees because they are a local drop-off.

Why do you ask for the money for the share up front?

We use the money from the CSA memberships to buy everything needed for the season, seeds fertilizer, equipment greenhouse supplies etc. CSA shares pay for the whole years operation and in return you get first pick of on all items we produce.

Where are the drop-off locations?

The drop-offs for the Quincy CSA will be Tuesdays, from 4:00-6:00pm, at the Unitarian Church, 1479 Hampshire St.
For the O’Fallon/St. Charles CSA, drop-offs will be Thursdays from 4:30-6:30 at the River City Rascals Ballpark back parking lot and from 6:45-7:15 at Emerge Fitness, 3839 Mexico Rd., in St. Charles.

What if I am unable to pick up my share.

You can have a friend pick up your share for you. We do not hold shares from week to week and any shares not picked up will be donated to a food bank or local family in need.
If you contact us 24 hours before the delivery day we will deliver your box the following week.

How do I join?

Spaces are limited, so please email us at

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